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The problem with topical jokes is that, once they cease to be topical, they don’t make sense. Obviously, they remain utterly hilarious for those people who can remember the particular parliamentary scandal or overly publicised celebrity misdemeanour on which they were based…but if you can’t remember. Well. Not so funny.

Here are a couple of our more timeless submissions for BBC Radio 7’s Newsjack.

Vox Pops

Keen & Pandini | 2010

Man in the street:
Apparently, last week was Food Allergy and Intolerance Week.
Personally, I think everyone with an allergy should be shot.

Man in the street:
No, I don’t think online piracy is something to worry about. I emailed a demand for two million dollars to a supertanker in the South Pacific last week and they haven’t even changed their Facebook status to ‘hijacked’ yet.


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