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Andy Pandini

Andy PandiniAndy is an actor and he is quite good. He has a whole Andy Pandini website dedicated to just how quite good he is, so it would seem repetitious to go on about it here.

Andy started writing at school – mostly I Luv Culture Club on his pencil case. But, seeing such creative promise, he was soon encouraged to begin writing scripts for student productions. He decided not to stop and has been writing stand up material, comedy songs and shopping lists for many years.

Andy’s play The Mass Suicide Club was staged in 2009 at the Rose Theatre, London.

Andy is currently based in Los Angeles, swanning about and being glamorous. Apparently this means he is too busy to update the website, so don’t expect to see him making any posts.

Fiona Keen

Fiona KeenFiona is a writer who sails boats. When she isn’t sailing she is writing and, as you may imagine, vice versa. Doing both at the same time leads to sloppy handwriting and collisions.

Fiona started writing when she was about 14 and sold her first short story to Just Seventeen when she was 16. Oh the irony.

Fiona continued to write short stories for publication but increasingly focused on script-writing, complimenting her academic work on theatre – she studied for her MA in dramatic texts at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London.

When she isn’t sailing about, Fiona works writing for digital media and has a content author website about how quite good she is at that.

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What Makes it Stick?

Our most recent commission from Redroofs – filmed early 2011 and screened at BAFTA.

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Remain Seated

Our 2010 submission to the Little Pieces of Gold showcase at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden.

Recorded for Training Purposes

Two-part sketch broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Summer 2010.


A couple of our submissions for BBC Radio 7’s Newsjack in February 2010.

Average Cook

A sketch for radio.

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