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Average Cook

I think you’ll see where we are going with this one.

Take a look at this excerpt.

Average Chef

Keen & Pandini | 2009

It’s week 98 and the contestants have come together in the Average Cook kitchen to face their toughest challenge yet. Today they must prepare a normal dinner using only the ingredients that people really do have in their kitchens. It’s their toughest challenge yet.

Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this boys. Gavin, you did well in the professional kitchen, Brenda was particularly impressed with your all day breakfast. But Bob really shone on the ingredients recognition test, correctly distinguishing between the BBQ and the Worcestershire Sauce crisps. So you’ve both got everything to play for today. It’s your toughest challenge yet.

That’s right, my antipodean chef and media darling co-presenter. I’m looking to see some fantastically normal food today. Apples and pears. Dog and Bone.

Yes, my cheeky cockney barrow boy assistant, we’ll be looking for something really normal. Outstandingly average. It’s going to be tough. Struth.

Ex City Banker, Gavin, hurriedly left his job in finance this year and is hoping to impress the judges with a cheese sandwich and a bag of chips from the chippy. But will his decision to use a multi-grain, organic loaf let him down?



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